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We automate audit, accounting, tax, finance & corporate secretarial processes

SKYBOTS Singapore is a consulting company specialising in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), automation and analytics. 

We help your company to: 

Skybots was founded by Daryl Aw who is a pioneer of RPA in the accountancy sector in Singapore. As ex-auditors and accountants, we truly empathize with your pain points. We build user-centric products to help companies maximise productivity in the workplace. With our solutions, you can eliminate manual and tedious processes and save time. 

We use various FREE RPA and automation software so there is no recurring software cost for our clients. 

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Solutions for Auditors

Prepare bank confirmations and authorisation letters and attach them into customised emails for each client

Automation of the Financial Statements from the TB to the word FS, and breaking the linkage for XBRL filing

Calculate sample size, select samples and populate the information into TOD templates

SSQM Track staff timesheets and analyse recoverability of engagements and time charged per engagement per staff

Extract Bizfile information, search through Sentro Web or Biz4ex, download the results and identify matches

Extract the exchange rates from MAS and prepares the exchange rate reasonablness test template

Prepare stocktake documents and emails for each client

Prepare audit completion documents 

Prepare AR and AP confirmations

SSQM Track 60 days archival deadlines and send reminder emails

SSQM Track independence, conflict of interest, confidentiality declarations and send reminders

SSQM Track performance appraisals, consolidate, rank staff and splitting of bonus

SSQM Register for training, track attendence, dashboard of training hours and prepare ACRA training report

Performance of certain audit procedures specific to audit clients (eg grant audits, gov audits, prepare AWPs etc)

Sync important sign off dates at the planning stage, completion stage to ensure compliance and consistency of dates

Depreciation Reasonableness test - mapping the FA register and calculating depreciation

JE testing - Standard test such as searching the description for key words and others

Email reminder robot for important deadlines and milestones

Audit Client requires all documents to have passwords. Password Robot removes and adds passwords for all documents 

CPF Reasonableness test - map the payroll register and auto calculate CPF

Solutions for Tax Professionals

Download mail for tax clients from the IRAS website

Tax filing in the IRAS website

Download Statement of accounts from IRAS website

Download Record of Payment statements from the CPF website

Download schedules from XERO, reconcile input and output GST for GST filing

Prepare tax computation confirmation from tax computation for client to sign

Solutions for Accountants & Finance Professionals

Data entry: Copy from excel and paste data into an accounting system

Revenue calculations for the finance department

Formatting of word FS and data entry into XBRL BizFin preparation toolkit

Extract details from bank statements into excel

Robot reads every bank transaction in the bank statement and classifies them into different categories such as different types of expenses or revenue streams. Robot prepares the different reports with the summary per classification

Download of reports and schedules from XERO, Quickbooks or MYOB and compile into one excel file.

Extraction of GL listing from XERO, Quickbooks or MYOB, extract out the details for each GL account and paste into the different schedules

Downloading of AR Aging, sort debtors and prepare an email to each debtor with the outstanding invoices to chase for payment

Preparation of reconciliation of exception reports by checking against the source files

Extraction of key KPI metrics from various reports and a weekly summary report

Checking of purchases against approval matrix

Compilation of sales from various reports from different sources

Solutions for Corporate Secretarial Professionals

Prepare corporate secretarial forms (eg AGM, Director Resolutions, Incorporation etc). Track and send email reminders for ECI, AGM, Annual Returns filing and Tax filing deadlines

Extract PDF ACRA Bizfile information, search through Sentro Web or Biz4ex, download the results and identify matches

Extract PDF ACRA Bizfile information, search through Google and download results

Read ACRA's newly incorporated companies list and prepare flyers for all of them

Other HR, Business Development & Admin Processes

Skybots Leave System 

Apply for leave, approve leave, update team calendars, track leave balances

Robot assists to connect with people on Linkedin

Robot verifies CPF calculations on the CPF website calculator and identifies any exceptions

Robot extracts details from the government UEN website

Preparation of payroll schedules

Saving all documents into a PDF and add a unique password. Send the password protected documents by email to different people

Sending of customised whatsapp messages to various people

Sending of customised season greetings via email

ChatGPT GoogleSheets Templates

Analyse the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, calculate ratios and identify risks

Competitor Analysis

Identify fraud and internal controls

Analyse PDF financial statements using ChatGPT plug-ins

RPA Training

I have an online RPA course for Uipath at The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)'s online learning portal - Accountify, where you will learn the different RPA fundamentals and techniques through the different accounting used cases. You can plug and play or modify the solutions immediately after the course for your own processses. 

The course is FREE for ISCAccountify members. For non-ISCA members, use the promo code: SkyAcc23 to get 20% off. 

Please email me if you would like a face to face training for your organisation for Uipath, Powerautomate, VBA or ChatGPT

About Skybots

Our Founder

Daryl is the founder and Managing Director of Skybots Pte Ltd. 

He has overseen the implementation of more than 100 robots for more than 300 organisations. In 2021, he emerged as the champion at the ISCA RPA Hackathon.

In his previous role as the lead in Strategic Partnerships in Singapore Polytechnic Business Innovation Centre, he led collaborations with different organisations such as the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC), the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) to drive digital transformation in different sectors. With 9 years of teaching experience, he has trained many students to implement automation solutions for industry partners, leading the collaboration between SP and ISCA to help SMPs adopt digital solutions in 2019 as part of IMDA’s Accountancy Industry Digital Plan.

Before joining Singapore Polytechnic, he was an auditor with EY Singapore providing auditing services to public listed and private companies in various industries. He is a Chartered Accountant with ISCA.

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